Why buyers choose Shaheen General Trading Truck auctions

We have widest selection of used trucks for sale available at Auctions. You may browse our online stock of used trucks and find the one that suits your requirements. As we have been in the automobile business since many years, we have an extensive network of automobile dealers, many of whom deal specifically in International used trucks.

We also are authorized agents of major used truck auctions in UAE, which enables us to find the best trucks to meet your needs. Buying trucks from Used Truck Auctions is very easy. There are thousands of trucks to choose from every week. This is the cheapest way to get used trucks from our Auction. We can act on your behalf as your auction agent and advise you about the condition of trucks that go on auctions and bidding prices. Please check our Auction page for more details.

Our experienced used vehicle inspectors and professional auction agents will make your task of finding the right vehicle easier. We also have our own auto repair workshop, and our trained mechanics can support you with any of your maintenance needs. Our strong connections with shipping companies worldwide, enables us to arrange prompt shipment of your trucks from anywhere in the world. Our auction bypassing the middle-men! We will assure that you can get the best deal for your money.

I trust that this website will prove helpful for people planning to buy used trucks directly from us.I look forward to serving you.

Mr. Bassam Chahin


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