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tramontina cookware

Tramontina Cookware

One particular brand that comes out as the outstanding home appliance manufacturer is Tramontina Cookware. Tramontina has been starting the business since 1911 so that its expertise is no longer questionable.

Began as a small blacksmith vendor opened by Valentin Tramontine in Rio Grande do Sul
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, the company has been gaining reputable name in over 100 different countries worldwide these days. They specialize in various household products, covering kitchenware, flatware as well cookware.

Tramontina Cookware has always been forwarding the top quality material for all of their stainless steel appliances. It is not surprising that Tramontina is in huge success to cover household appliance market in more than 120 countries. Tramontina is made from high quality material that it requires special treatment, such as seasoning, before you can use the pot. What is seasoning referred here? Seasoning is the process of coating the metal surface of the pot using the carbonized oil. It is to avoid the existence of rust over the metal so that you can maintain its best quality for a long time.

Here are some steps that you can follow in seasoning your Tramontina Cookwares:

  • First, you can pour the peanut oil all over the metal surface as the coating. You need to be sure that you have covered the entire surface thoroughly.
  • Second, you can turn on your stove and put the Tramontina Cookware on the burner.
  • Third, you may increase the heat level of your stove, but you must constantly keep your eyes on it so that it will not be burned. Soon, you will see that the oil is getting very hot. It is okay, but you should make sure that the cookware is not smoking.
  • Fourth, you can maintain the high-level heat for the next couples of minutes. After the oil is heating up, you can turn off the stove. You can leave the Tramontina Cookware there until it is completely cool.
  • Finally, after the cookware is cool, you can remove the oil by wiping the oil out using paper towels.

If the Tramontina Cookware that you have is made from the metal entirely, you can do the seasoning with your oven. The process of coating the metal surface with oil is similar, but you can place the entire pot into the oven, instead of putting it on the stove. You can set the oven temperature for 350-degree and you need to heat the pot up for an hour. After that, you can take the pot out from the oven and leave it cool. Finally, the next thing to do is wiping the entire oil from the surface of cookware.