Finding Support and Fellowship in Delaware, Ohio: A Guide to Christian Churches

Are you looking for a faith-based support system in Delaware, Ohio? This article will explore the various support groups offered by Christian churches in the area. From CROSS Ministries to Mental Health America of Ohio, there are many organizations that provide help and fellowship to those in need. CROSS Ministries (Christians Reaching Out in Support & Sharing) is a Christ-centered ministry designed to help men and women break free from substance abuse, addictive behavior, and codependency. This organization is based in Lexington, Kentucky and provides faith and fellowship support groups.

The Family Mental Health Support Group of the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago is another organization that offers support to those struggling with mental health issues. St. George's Episcopal Church in San Antonio, Texas also provides support groups for those in need. The Delaware County Community Market is a non-profit organization that is affiliated with the International Association of Unity Churches. This organization hosts unique events open to the public such as musical performances, reenactments, or Bible schools during the holidays.

These events are announced in The Gazette. CHEF (Christian Home Educators Fellowship) is a network of Christian homeschooling families who volunteer to organize local activities that promote quality Christian homeschooling in the tristate area. Warrensburg United Methodist Church, located at 1025 Ohio 257 (intersection of Ohio 257 and Warrensburg Road, halfway between U.), is handicap accessible and offers prayers to those who request them. Finally, there is an organization called Mental Health America of Ohio which provides support, education, and promotion to thousands of people living with mental illness in Ohio. This organization helps individuals find resources and support groups that can help them cope with their mental health issues. In conclusion, there are many options for those seeking faith-based support in Delaware, Ohio. From CROSS Ministries to Mental Health America of Ohio, there are organizations that provide help and fellowship for those struggling with substance abuse, mental health issues, and other challenges.

They also offer unique events open to the public such as musical performances and Bible schools.