Experience the Power of Faith on a Mission Trip in Delaware, Ohio

Are you looking for a meaningful way to spend your spring break? If so, consider joining a mission trip organized by a Christian church in Delaware, Ohio. Mission trips are an incredible way to serve others and grow in your faith. At Lifegroups, we believe that service is an essential part of our spiritual journey. We offer mission trips to both national and international destinations, where participants can practice prayer, service, reflection, learning, and searching for God in all things, people, and places.

Most trips are available to students the summer before their final year of school, but a couple of trips also provide opportunities for third-year students. If you're interested in joining a mission trip, you'll need to complete an application and often an interview to be considered. Campus Ministry oversees faith programs and plans and directs retreats, mission trips, social justice initiatives, and leadership opportunities. One of the most rewarding mission trips is organized by ILAC (International Leadership and Cultural Exchange), which is sponsored by the Jesuits.

This trip takes participants to the Dominican Republic to stay in a rural community and live with a native Dominican family. During the trip, volunteers will communicate in a new language and participate in a work project that requires physical effort. Adventures in Missions also organizes seven-day mission trips to Haiti. Volunteers participating in this nine-day project will help build a church and community center by performing tasks such as mixing concrete, transporting sand, framing walls, and planting gardens.

Priority 1 Ministries offers customizable spring break mission trips to Navajo children and their families in New Mexico. During the trip, volunteers can help with an after-school program for children, prison ministry, nursing homes, children and youth groups, or lead a church service or Bible study. The International Volunteer Headquarters also offers short-term opportunities during spring break. These include working on a construction and renovation project in San José, Costa Rica.

No matter which mission trip you choose to join, you'll be sure to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and strengthen your faith. Through prayer and service, we can take part in God's work to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth.