Explore Bible Study Groups in Delaware, Ohio

The Delaware Bible Church is a non-denominational Christian community in Delaware, Ohio, devoted to loving God, loving others, and making disciples. This church is committed to helping its members grow in their Christian faith through the study of the Holy Scriptures, weekly and special worship services, retreats, personal devotion, and prayer. The church strives to live out its Christian faith through its words, actions, and relationships with God, with others, and with every human being regardless of their origin. The church also works to build strong relationships in the local community and beyond.

Are you searching for a bible study group in Delaware, Ohio? The Delaware Bible Church is the ideal place for you! This church welcomes all people and provides a secure and supportive atmosphere for bible study. The church offers weekly bible study classes that are open to all members of the community. These classes are designed to help participants deepen their understanding of the Bible and grow in their faith. The church also offers special bible study retreats throughout the year.

These retreats provide an opportunity for members of the church to come together and explore the Bible in a more intimate setting. Participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and its teachings while also building relationships with other members of the church. If you're looking for a bible study group in Delaware, Ohio, look no further than the Delaware Bible Church! This church provides a safe and supportive environment for bible study and offers weekly classes as well as special retreats throughout the year. Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of the Bible or build relationships with other members of the church, this is the perfect place for you!.