Unique Events Hosted by Christian Churches in Delaware, Ohio

John Neumann Catholic Church, located at 9633 Ohio 37 East in Sunbury, is a non-profit organization associated with the Delaware County Community Market and affiliated with the International Association of Unity Churches. This church is handicap accessible and offers unique events open to the public. Warrensburg United Methodist Church, located at 1025 Ohio 257 (intersection of Ohio 257 and Warrensburg Road, halfway between U.), is another church that hosts special events such as musical performances, revivals, or Bible schools during the holidays. The CCIO Regional Ecclesiastical Council has established a permanent gift fund for the maintenance, care, and development of Camp Christian.

If you are looking for unique events hosted by Christian churches in Delaware, Ohio, you can find them at John Neumann Catholic Church, Warrensburg United Methodist Church, and Northwest Columbus Christian Church. These churches provide a variety of activities such as musical performances, revivals, Bible schools, and adult conferences. You can also find information about Camp Christian and its permanent gift fund established by the CCIO Regional Ecclesiastical Council. The Gazette is a great source to find out about upcoming events hosted by these churches. Additionally, adults are invited to attend the adult conference held at the Northwest Columbus Christian Church.